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Renewable energy power stations (solar, wind, biomass, geothermal)

Investment opportunities and potentials

 New investment opportunities and potentials

Atlases of the renewable energy resources of Iran including atlas of solar energy resources, atlas of wind energy resources, atlas of biomass energy resources and atlas of geothermal energy resources that have already been prepared by the Renewable Energy Organization of Iran are indicative of the desirable potentials in our country in this respect.

The wind atlas of Iran in 80 meters above the ground

 In drawing up the wind atlas of Iran and for registering the wind speed about 150 anemometer masts were installed across the country. The relevant information now are collected, prepared and updated on daily basis by assistance of a German expert.


The wind energy potential in Iran is estimated at more than 30000 megawatts

Solar energy potential and solar system capacity atlas of Iran

In the matter of the solar energy Iran is located at the world Sunbelt and according to the state solar energy atlas the radiation of over 5 kMh/m^2 day is available in many parts of Iran.


It is worth mentioning that central and south regions in Iran are of the highest sun radiation potentials with vast non-agricultural lands.





Iran is located on the world Sunbelt

The geothermal energy atlas of Iran

Ardebil and East Azerbaijan provinces are among the richest region in Iran in the matter of geothermal energy.


Atlas of municipal wastes in Iran


Existing investment opportunities and potentials

A-    {C}Governmental power stations to be ceded to the private sector

Projects that have been started by the Renewable Energy Organization of Iran (SANA) based on public investment and now can be ceded to the private sector:

-Manjil 90 megawatt wind power station

-Meshkinshahr geothermal power station

B- Non-governmental projects

Until now many projects have been introduced and registered by the private companies that have already received all the required licenses and permits; these projects may be considered as investment opportunity cases per agreement of the projects’ owners. Upon desire of the investors (applicants) updated list of all the relevant projects is available through website of Renewable Energy Organization of Iran / Private Sector Cooperation Office.

Existing incentives and advantages

Based on the guaranteed power purchase contract concluded between the non-governmental investor, on one side, and TVANIR, on the other side, the whole power generated by the renewable energy power stations is guaranteed to be purchased at approved rates of purchase for a five year term.

The electricity purchase tariffs shall be payable in Rial (Iranian currency) and shall be subject to revision based on the revision formula in the course of the contract in proportion to inflation and change of the currency parity rate (Euro) in order to reduce the investment risks.

The Ministry of Energy shall submit the required proposals to the Economic Council or other concerned authorities to complete and revise conditions and rates if it is deemed necessary. The electricity base rate is determined and communicated by the Ministry of Energy on annual basis based on the relevant bylaw of the Para B of Article 133.

SANA as the coordinator of the projects is working under supervision of TAVANIR. In relation to permits and licenses it cooperates with investors providing them with required information and, if needed, will direct them to the concerned authorities. After issuance of the required permits and licenses SANA shall be responsible to prepare the draft contract in order for it to be signed by TAVANIR.

According to provisions of the power purchase contract and for paying the energy price, if it is possible, a 6 months LC in Rial shall be opened in order to reduce any possible delay in paying the energy price. Otherwise and if the delay persists the relevant pecuniary penalties, already been set and projected, shall take effect.

The income generated by CDM or international environment reward in such contracts shall belong to the investors.

The investors are entitled to sell a part or whole of the electricity they generate to other domestic or foreign applicants transmitting the electricity through the state electricity network.  If the domestic applicant or consumer is preferred over foreign ones then no fees will be levied on the electricity transmission.

•Those investors who receive the construction permit are entitled to sign buy-back based contract based on the legal capacities provided in sub para.1 of para. B of Note 11 of the Iranian Budget Law for 2014-2015. Based on the said Law the government shall, in return for the electricity generated by the renewable energy power stations and after calculation of the total fuel saved, deliver equal volume of the same fuel type or crude oil to the investors within maximum of a two year term. After the two year term whole price of the electricity generated by renewable energy power stations will be payable based on the executive directions and relevant approvals provided in Article 133 of the Fifth Iranian Five Year Development Plan Act.

•According to the para. G of Note 9 of the Iranian Budget Law for 2014-2015 the Ministry of energy shall, in addition to price of electricity, receive thirty (30) Rials for each kilowatt, as additional charge to be printed on the electricity bills, from all electricity subscribers with the exception of municipal and rural subscribers as well as owners of agricultural wells. All the money collected shall be deposited with the Iran State Treasury and up to maximum of four thousand billion (4000000000) Rials of it shall be spent by TAVANIR for development and maintenance of the rural electricity grid as well as generation of renewable and clean electricity.

•Based on Article 139 of the Fifth Iranian Five Year Development Plan Act the government is entitled to use the controlled (administered) funds and the interest subsidy facilities in order to prepare the ground for generation of up to 5000 megawatt wind and solar energy in the course of the plan in proportion of its requirements in the field of energy generation.


General Information on the investment plan


General Information on the investment plan in the field of renewable energies

Type of the power station

Output capacity (Megawatt)

Investment cost


Investment return term (Years) (payback period)

Internal rate of return (IRR)


Return of investment rate (RIO)

Construction term



































Between 17 to 22 percent







Small hydroelectric











Waste incinerator





Municipal waste digester





Animal waste digester





Municipal waste gasification





Forest waste gasification





Interested investors may receive further information through the Renewable Energy Organization of Iran’s website at www.suns.org.ir

Responsible departments and modes of communication with them



Responsible departments

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Office for Distributed Generation and Renewable Energies



Renewable Energy Organization of Iran (SANA)

Private Sector Cooperation Office



Ministry of Energy

Office of Privatization of Electric Industry


Water and Power Marketing & Privatization Regulatory Office