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Reza Ardakanian
Minister of Energy of I.R. IRAN
Headquarters: Tehran, Iran


Born 1958 in Yazd/Iran, Married, with two children

Education 1997

McMaster University
PhD (Water Resources Management)

Hamilton, Canada


McMaster University
MEng ( Water Resources Engineering)

Hamilton, Canada

Sharif University of Technology
BSc (Civil Engineering)

Tehran, Iran

About Us

Ministry of Energy (Persian: وزارت نیرو‎ Vezârat-e Niru), is the main organ of the Government in charge of the regulation and implementation of policies applicable to energy, electricity, water and wastewater services.
History and profile
Being founded on 17 October 1936, the ministry was established to provide electricity in Tehran. On 20 May 1943, its portfolio was expanded to include water management in the country. It was later renamed as the ministry of water and electricity on 17 March 1964.[1] Later on 17 February 1975, after the parliamentary approval it became ministry of energy. On 10 May 1978, the ministry's function was expanded to contain the construction and operation of nuclear power plants in the country.
After the Islamic Revolution of Iran in 1979 some parliamentary changes took place for the duties of the ministry. On 12 July 1980, some of the functions of the ministry were given to the ministry of agriculture. On 7 March 1983, water management, and fair distribution of water resources were made part of the ministry of energy.
Ministry of Energy is responsible for management of supply and demand of water, electricity, energy, and wastewater services and also promoting the training, research and technology, and bedding for goods and services market in water and electrical industry. It also plays a major role in preservation of natural resources, environment protection, public health promotion, welfare and self-sufficiency for sustainable development of the country
The ministry consists of five deputies as follows:
    Deputy for Research and Human Resources
    Deputy for Planning and Economic Affairs
    Deputy for Electricity and Energy
    Deputy for Water and Wastewater
    Deputy for Support, Legal, and Parliamentary Affairs
The energy ministers of Iran after the 1979 Islamic Iranian revolution:
    Abbas Taj
    Hassan Abbaspur
    Hassan Ghafourifard
    MohammadTaghi Banki
    Bijan Namdar Zanganeh
    Habibollah Bitaraf
    Parviz Fattah
    Majid Namjoo
    Hamid Chitchian
Reza Ardakanian