Ministry of Energy

Ministry of Energy is a multi-faceted organization. In other words, the tasks of managing several large industries of the country are carried out in MoE including Water Industry, Electricity Industry, Sewage Industry and Renewable Energy Industry. The Ministry of Energy was established on the basis of the approved law by the parliament on 17th of February 1974, and right now it has four main duties:
1- Production, transmission and distribution of electricity across the country. 2- Storage, transfer, purification and distribution of water. 3- Collection, transfer and treatment of sewage. 4- Study and implementation of electricity generation plans with the use of renewable energy.
The water and electricity industry is one of the most important infrastructures in the country, which is one of the most vital human resources. The Ministry of Energy's outlook for water and electricity services is available to people around the country 24 hours a day. more...